Please check the Environment Canada link prior to Triathlon Practice if  there appears to be any local concerns about Air Quality.

The club follows the guideline suggested by TriBC.  Triathlon BC Air Quality Policy

Based on various health recommendations our Triathlon Club will continue to hold practice outside if the air quality is between 1 and 3. We will also practice in conditions of 4 to 6,  but will place the onus on parents to make a personal decision based on the knowledge as listed below and any respiratory ailments that will be worsened by this exposure ie. Asthma.  Practices will be lower intensity and will focus more on skill acquisition.

Your chances of being affected by particles increase the more strenuous your activity and the longer you are active outdoors. Children are particularly susceptible as they breathe more air per pound of body weight, so their exposure to air pollution is greater than adults. In addition, their lungs are still developing. It’s variable, but most children’s lungs don’t finish developing until they finish growing, usually around the age of 18.

With this in mind, we will look for alternatives indoors on days where the Air quality is 7 or higher.  These alternatives may not be available on short notice and hence practice may be cancelled due to poor air quality. Although this is inconvenient, it is in the best interest of your child.  The club will attempt to give 2 hour notice of practice cancellation, or information about alternate indoor practice location via TeamSnap.