The Ogopogo Triathlon Club tries to support regional races.

The full list of KOS races is on the TriBC website (all Kids of Steel races are labelled as KOS in the Distance column)

The distance of the races are dependent on the age of the racer, see below.

 Ages (as of Dec 31)  Swim Distance  Cycle Distance Run Distance  Approximate Time to Complete
 Under 6  Less than 50m  Less than 1.5km  Less than 500m  10-20 min
 6-7  50m  1.5km  500m  10-20 min
 8-9  100m  5km  1km  15-30 min
 10-11  200m  5km  2km  20-40 min
 12-13  300m  10km  3km  35-65 min
 14-15  500m  10km  4km  40-70 min
 16-19  750m  20km  5km  60-105 min