Good communication is essential for busy families with young athletes and at Ogopogo Triathlon Club we strive for excellence in this area.

Tuesday Practices

Tuesday practice locations will be added by the coaches on our club calender. You can check the web site calendar a day or two before the practice by clicking on the appropriate age group tab but you can also subscribe to the calander so it shows up on your phone or your home google calendar.

To learn how to subscribe to the Ogopogogo Training & Events Calendar please watch the following video:

You can also set up notifications on your Google calendar if you have one. To learn how to receive notifications on your phone for the Ogopogo Training & Events Calendar please watch the following video:

Emergency Texts

It is rare but sometimes coaches have decided to end practice early because of inclement weather such as lightening. In that scenario the  coaches will send out a message via TeamApp with the change details. TeamApp is free and available for IOS or Android. Please follow these steps to use TeamApp:

1. Download TeamApp (either IOS or Android)

2. Open TeamApp

3. Allow Notifications (important for our purpose).

4. Sign up

5. Activate your account through email

6. Search for our team.

7. Click where it says “Become a member of this team”

8. Select appropriate group. Press Continue

9. Please note that you have to enable notifications at the group level as well. When you click on “message” from the main screen,  select the group and then “options” to make sure notifications are turned on.

Club News

The club will use this website for news items as well. Again, you can check the site regularly but there is an easy way to subscribe by email which we recommend. We will also communicate this way if there is a change in practice location within 24 hours of the start of practice.

Get news updates sent to your email


We will post photos of our events and practices on this web site and have created an Instragram hash tag: #ogotriclub. If you use this hash tag the image will show up on this site on the front page photo stream.

Social Media

Finally, the Ogopogo Club uses social media as a secondary communication channel to keep the Kelowna community up to date on our activities and successes.  Our twitter account is @Ogotriclub and our Facebook link is above