Hey Ogopogo Triathletes, Families, and Friends!

Come join the whole team again at the Gneiss Climbing Gym on Saturday July 23 from 8-10 am for a second climbing session!

The Ogopogos have the whole gym, and all ages are able to climb and participate, parents too. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Come meet your teammates and have some climbing fun! Siblings and friends are encouraged to participate as well! 

Drop in price is $10 per person and free rentals are included. To speed up registration you should sign the waiver online before you arrive.

Feel free to email  at chrisandruchow@gmail.com if you are probably coming, or are interested (I wanted just an estimate number). No official RSVP needed!

A couple of coaches will be present but it’s really a casual fun time for the kids to hang out together.

Coach Chris Andruchow

Gneiss Climbing gym