Want to let you know that registration for Paradigm Naturopathic Kids Triathlon in Vernon on June 24th is open for registration, and it will host the provincial championships this year on Saturday, and the regular KOS triathlon on Sunday.

Also, TriBC is planning a May 28th development day for those who will be BC Summer Games age for 2018.  More details to come, but if you know of 13-14yr old kids this year, that may be interested in BCSG for next year, please mention to them that saving this date would be great.

Final note- North Shore has 11 spots left for the youth/junior draft legal race.  So if you have kids that want to do the series, they need to register ASAP. Youth specifically are encouraged to race all of the provincial series, if they know triathlon is something they want to be competitive with.  Juniors are encouraged to seek out National level development events, including the Sept. long weekend U26 event in Vancouver, which is also a provincial series race.