Ogopogo Triathlon Club uses Zone4 online registration service. The registration will be open on March 1st, 2019 at 6:00 am, and will close on May 5, 2019 at 11pm. No late registration allowed this year. There are 20 spots for each of the three age categories:

  • 8-9 ($140 per athlete)
  • 10-11 ($140 per athlete)
  • 12+ ($190 per athlete)

Zone4 will charge a non refundable registration fee. Registration includes a discount code for a team race jersey.  Registration does not include race fees.

Step 1

To ensure a successful registration experience, please register all coaches, volunteers and youth athlete in your family at TriBC  (youth membership) before registering on Zone4.ca . Once registered at TriBC you will be provided with a TriBC member number which is needed in the Zone4 Ogopogo Triathlon Club registration process.

Step 2

Once on Zone4 you will be asked if you have read over the waiver and the code of conduct documents. Please read these documents, which can be found below.

Step 3

Register at Zone 4

Step 4

Download and sign up for TeamSnap (free app for Apple or Android devices) for last minute practise communications, and keeping track of our schedule.  We will send you an invite to join TeamSnap app at the beginning of the year just accept the invite, and add other family members.