The club follows the principles of Long Term Athlete Development, as such we focus on teaching kids what their bodies and minds are ready for in a fun, and safe environment.  As the athletes get older, some athletes will be more focused on training to train, and training to compete, and as such they may wish to compete at high levels such as at the BC summer games or at the Canada summer games.   These kids are all in the 12 plus age group, which will be coached by Dave Kirk, Owen Harris, and Colton Blaney.  The coaches will begin the year by asking the older athletes what their goals are for the upcoming season, and based on those goals the coaches will help the athlete create training plans, and the interested kids will keep logs of their training progress.

New avenues for the competitive athletes in the 12+ age group include:

1)     Competitive older athletes (12 + age group) can join Dave Kirk for additional workouts during the year. 

1)      Affiliation with Okanagan Athletics Track Club (12 + age group)

  • For those interested in middle distance running, we have arranged a discounted membership for our 12 + athletes to join the Okanagan Athletics Track Club.
  • Membership entitles Ogopogo triathletes to train with the OK Athletics every Monday evening
  • Malindi Elmore (former Olympic runner and top tier triathlete) is the coach of the middle distance running program
  • Sessions start April 4th. Registration Form.

Questions….contact the Okanagan Athletics Registrar at (copy and paste)